Self Awareness       

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The history of Self Compassion and why it's important to healing the world.

How Protest is Changing Democracy Around The World


                  Organizations and Centers                 
        Self Awareness       
        Personal Agency       
Empowering Women and LGBTQI in Politics
Emily's List
She Should Run
Victory Institute- LGBTQI
        Books and Reports       
Science of a Happy Brain- Dr. Jay Kumar
Compassionomics- Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli
A Force for Good- Daniel Coleman
Sacred Pleasures- Dr. Riane Eisler
Standing on the Edge- Roshi Joan Halifax
The Mastery of Self- Miguel Ruiz
Blessed Unrest- Paul Hawkin
Citizen's Handbook- TheCapitol Net
Tribal Leadership- Dave Logan, John King     Halee Fischer-Wright
Blueprint for a Revolution- Srdja Popovic